Endorsements for Patrick Weiler

Endorsements for Patrick Weiler

September 8, 2021

As the Member of Parliament for West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible people. We’ve accomplished a lot, and here are some of the people who want to keep up the good work:


Dr. Andrew Weaver, PhD
Climate Scientist
Former BC Green Party Leader

“As someone who has spent my life working in the area of climate science, solutions and policy, I know how critical it is that we have thoughtful people like Patrick in Ottawa. As a young and talented environmental lawyer, he epitomizes the future of climate action in this country. I hope the people of West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast- Sea to Sky will send him back to Ottawa to keep fighting for the environment.”


Wade Davis
Author and Anthropologist
Bowen Island

“Patrick has been a terrific MP, always there to help, and vocal in his support for the environment, the natural wealth of Sea to Sky.  His position on climate is strong, and in just two years his legislative influence on everything from Net Zero Emissions to Wild Salmon protection has been remarkable.  We share a vision of a knowledge based economy in BC that will reduce our dependence on resource extraction.  This is something I talk about.  Patrick as a candidate wants to make it happen.”


Ross Beaty
Natural Resource & Environment Entrepreneur
Bowen Island

“I am pleased to endorse Patrick Weiler for the upcoming election in my riding of Sea to Sky.  He has earned my support with his overall track record in his first term as an MP and especially his strong stance on environmental protection.  He is young, hardworking, smart and focused.  I think he has the potential to become one of Canada’s environmental policy stars, supporting green economic growth, land conservation and restoration of BC’s wild salmon, all while tirelessly representing the people in West Vancouver, the Coast and Sea to Sky County.”


Ric Careless, OBC
Leading BC Conservationist

“Patrick is a rising star in the Liberal Party, primed to play a leadership role in environmental policy. I’ve known him since he was a kid. He has high integrity, his credentials are top quality and he is 100% committed to making real and lasting environmental change. I fully support his re-election.

The BIG question in this election is: are we serious about environment or not? What’s on the line now is our climate emergency survival. We have to ACT NOW and VOTE SMART. If we split the vote on the Left, we allow the Climate Neanderthals to return to power. They will set us back decades. The NDP is unable to form government. The danger in our riding is: how do we vote local and vote smart to power forward the environmental gains we’ve made? The only way is to vote Patrick Weiler—he is the future of environment for our riding and our nation. Every riding counts!”


Chief Warren Paull
Shíshálh First Nation

“Patrick Weiler has earned my respect as our MP these last two years. He is a very fast learner, grasps how government works, connects the dots and gets things done.  He understands our reconciliation and self government goals and has built bridges between us and federal ministers who advance solutions. Patrick quarterbacks The Sunshine Coast Leadership Caucus, comprised of Sechelt and Gibsons Mayors, Regional District Chair, and is First Nations led–it’s moving our agenda beyond the riding and to Ottawa.

I like Patrick as a person. He’s outgoing, easy to talk to, even tempered and a great listener—very rare these days. He works tirelessly for our riding and has opened up government for our Coast Nations to make things happen.  I fully support his re-election.”


Andrew S. Wright, Ph.D
Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Environment – SFU
Founding Director, Willow Grove Foundation
Bowen Island

“Politics is a daily drama.  Policy development is the grinding backstage work that affects people’s lives.  Political players emote and magnify their presence–they come and go.  It’s rare, but sometimes, we encounter honest, authentic and committed contributors.

Patrick Weiler is that rare and valuable contributor.  He understands the responsibility of supporting our riding and province and how action must be taken to progress from issues to solutions.  Under his direction and hard work, our riding is provisioned to enable economic, entrepreneurial and environmental leadership to succeed.  If you want to secure a provident future for your family, cast your vote for Patrick Weiler.  His record of achievement is beyond measure.  He has my deep respect as a hard-working MP delivering on his word and commitments as Bowen’s representative in Ottawa. Bravo, Patrick!”


Chrystia Freeland
Candidate for University—Rosedale, Ontario

“Whether he is working to support small businesses and entrepreneurs through the pandemic, fight climate change, protect Wild Salmon or uphold Indigenous rights, Patrick is a fierce advocate for his community and a strong voice for issues that matter to all Canadians. The amazing people of West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country are lucky to have him as their Liberal candidate. Let’s help re-elect Patrick Weiler to Parliament!”


Maryam Monsef
Candidate, Peterborough-Kawartha

“Patrick is a strong voice for the West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea-to-Sky riding.  As Chair of the Liberal Pacific Caucus, Patrick has been a very effective, skilled advocate for climate action, indigenous rights and reconciliation, CoVid economic and business recovery, housing, immigration and high-speed internet.  We hope his riding’s constituents will re-elect him and return his abilities to Ottawa.  You are well represented.”


Sue Adams
Community Leader

“Patrick has dedicated himself to the needs of our riding during the most severe pandemic in 100 years, from inside the riding, not from Ottawa.  His involvement in three bills essential to BC and our riding assured their passage.  His two leadership appointments allowed him leverage historic funding for all riding communities, from tourism to daycares, to dog ranches, to ski hills, bike lane enhancement and complex legal compliance for small businesses.  He has served us extremely well in his first two years.  As constituents, re-electing Patrick is our privilege and our duty.”


Richard Kyle Paisley, Director
International Waters Governance Initiative
Institute of Asian Research, UBC

“I have known Patrick as his professor, colleague and friend.  What particularly impressed me when he was my student in various advanced seminars in international law and diplomacy was a combination of his enthusiasm, hard work and leadership skills.

“Unlike his competition in this election, Patrick was born and raised in West Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast and has brought a unique and important millennial perspective to the real issues that matter that include helping to facilitate economic, environmental and social policies that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their
own needs. Through his recent work on the Standing Committee on Government Operations, the Standing Committee on Natural Resources as Chair of the Liberal Pacific Caucus, and attracting $49 million in investment from the federal government in infrastructure projects across northern BC and in West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast—Sea to Sky Country, Patrick has given important
and whole new meaning to the phrase ‘politics is the art of the possible.’”


Susanna Bell-Irving Gray
Community Arts Leader

“Patrick’s first term during Covid was like no other for any MP who has ever led our riding.  He handled this half term brilliantly; surpassing leadership potential we knew he had.  No one could have worked harder and accomplished more for our riding in such a short period of time.  He fought for every one of our communities, every sector of our riding and received unprecedented government funding and support through his tireless efforts.  I wholeheartedly support Patrick for re-election.”


Lucie McKiernan
Community Leader

“Before I retired, I had the privilege to work with Patrick during this term, supporting his outreach to Sunshine Coast communities and constituents.  He has proven himself worthy of the confidence we placed in him in 2019.  I am impressed with his high priority dedication to individuals and their needs, supporting and assisting families and those stranded abroad to return to Canada during the first pandemic lockdown.  He has been accessible throughout these difficult times even though travel in the riding was impossible.  Zoom calls (with groups) addressed immediate pandemic needs while businesses appreciated his ability to keep the big picture in focus.  As Chair of the Pacific Caucus, Patrick connects our riding directly to Ottawa through policy initiatives such as wild salmon.  Thank you Patrick for your commitment.”


Neil Boyd
Professor, School of Criminology, SFU

“Patrick Weiler remains my choice for MP.  His excellent grasp of international law and the importance of human rights are more needed than ever.  In his initial term, he has applied his keen awareness of the best options for reducing climate change to two recent bills that deeply affect our riding:  wild salmon protection and meeting our Net Zero climate targets, especially timetable accountability. His energy, his intellect, his knowledge of our riding, experience in office on an important committee and as Pacific Caucus Chair are what we continue to need in Ottawa, now more than ever.”


Nancy McHarg
Principal, McHarg Communications
West Vancouver

“Patrick Weiler is intelligent, hard-working and principled. His involvement in creating and refining the Pacific Wild Salmon bill and his influence adding a timeline to the Net Zero Emissions Accountability Act were two among many of his important contributions to policy and legislation during his first term. Day to day, he shows a relentless willingness to listen to and serve his constituents.  In just two years, he has gained the admiration of his colleagues for his straightforward approach, accessibility and responsiveness, leading to his election as Pacific Caucus Chair.  Patrick’s generation will live with the impact of government action and inaction. I am confident he will influence decisions in the best interest of our riding and our country.”


Todd Skinner
Principal, National Interactive Promotional Company
West Vancouver

“As a small business owner with operations in three provinces, we lost 98% of our interactive promotional business that depends on crowds gathering in public and private places.  Without labour and rent subsidies provided by the Liberal government, we would not be a business today.  Those programs ensured we kept over 20 Canadian families housed and fed while our business found a way to work through the pandemic.  This is thanks to the Liberal Government under Justin Trudeau that saved the small business industry during the first stages of COVID.  While other parties and businesses were standing by, the Liberal government took the economic steps required to ensure the endurance and recovery of our Canadian economy.  I fully support the re-election of our MP Patrick Weiler, with gratitude.”


Farouk Verjee
Past President, Ismaili Council for Canada
West Vancouver

“Patrick Weiler has been the Liberal Caucus Chair for the past year. This speaks to his being a team player and consensus builder. One of his key concerns is the reform of our income tax laws to support small businesses that have been hit very hard during the pandemic. Small and medium size businesses generate the most jobs, critical to our economic recovery as is the need for innovation towards a greener economy. He very ably represents one of the largest ridings in the country with very diverse needs. He is low key and effective. Patrick delivers!”


Patricia Bolton
Community Leader
West Vancouver

“I knew Patrick had all the right stuff, but who knew how well he would embrace and excel as our WVSCSS Member of Parliament? It’s a perfect fit. He has risen to all the challenges of a new MP and gone beyond expectations in building relationships with ALL constituents in our diverse “one size does not fit all riding” and across the province. Our future looks good with Patrick, and I look forward to supporting him for many years to come.”


Jane Kellett
Community Leader
School Board Chair
West Vancouver

“Patrick has been an articulate voice for our riding and a strong supporter of strengthening our social programs. Progress is being made on a National Affordable Child Care program, critical for the continued growth of our economy.  The pandemic has shown how the lack of childcare adversely affects families, especially women in the labour force. The Liberals are moving forward with the provinces to create more affordable childcare spaces, and we cannot afford to once again lose this opportunity.  This is one of the many reasons why I strongly support the re-election of Patrick Weiler and the Liberals.”


Margot Sutcliffe
Retired Management Consultant

“Having known Patrick since he was in elementary school, I confidently trust his temperament, drive and leadership abilities. Even as a child, his exceptional fairness, thoughtfulness, reliability, discipline, discernment, kindness and sense of humour echo today n his accomplishments as our MP. He was that kid who did his homework with the strength of character to stick up for other kids.

His unassuming ways transcend that of the average politician. In this critical time for Canada, Patrick is quietly progressing local issues—affordability, culture, tourism, health and sustainability—strengthening our riding’s infrastructure.  His leadership as our MP speaks so well that he has eventual capacity to be PM. I wholeheartedly endorse Patrick Weiler for a second term.”


David Parker
CEO, Ocean Regenerative Aquaculture, Inc.
West Vancouver

“I’ve known Patrick for years, as a mentor.  He’s a quick, constant learner with a capacity to take on complex roles. He’s fearless, courageous and clear-headed in tackling a challenge; no one can ruffle him.

I saw him combine all these abilities in Kenya, early in his career under my corporate guidance. The country was volatile, with terrorism and kidnapping a safety threat. Patrick’s mission was to negotiate an agreement with a small, indigenous staffed, artisanal gold mine to eliminate mercury from refining by swapping an ancient process for new standards. His sound judgment on the ground led to new regulations, modern equipment, improved safety, productivity and reduced environmental impacts.

Patrick has learned that Canada’s good fortune to possess human, financial and natural resources demands a responsibility to steward them through good government and reciprocity. Applying private sector experience, situation assessment skills and his education to public sector leadership as our MP, he’s a perfect fit for his home riding and a rising Canadian environment star. I fully support his re-election.”


Rod Nadeau
Sustainable Builder

“Patrick is an ideal MP.  He’s young, smart, a rising star in the Liberal Party—the only party with a viable environmental plan.  He has the credentials and credibility to move environmental policy forward, implementing it now, perfecting it later.

Old white guys should not fill 60% of the seats in Parliament. Young people should—the ones young enough to live with the consequences of their decisions.

I once introduced my 30 year old sons to Patrick.  Afterwards, I asked what they talked about.  They were shocked.  “We asked him a question, Dad, and he answered it.  Wow! That’s not what politicians do.”  That’s Patrick.  He’s real.”


Jennifer Hatton
Community Leader
West Vancouver

“Patrick Weiler has applied himself relentlessly to our large riding during CoVid, steering countless constituents and businesses to financial and personal survival.  His international law and environmental conflict resolution experience shaped his key involvement in passing Wild Salmon Protection and Net Zero Emissions bills.  Both bills, vital to our riding, are finally law.  We need his strategic ideas and commitment guiding us out of a pandemic and into a sustainable, fiscally responsible future.”


David Hocking
Bowen Island

“Patrick Weiler is an excellent Member of Parliament. In just two years, he has demonstrated a remarkable ability to make a difference at the national, provincial and local levels. He worked tirelessly to understand Bowen’s issues and proactively connect Islanders with federal programs—from COVID support for small businesses to funding new community initiatives.

Taking emergency climate action is what attracted Patrick to politics, and he used his influence to strengthen the new Net Zero Emissions Accountability Act. Patrick led the effort to create the new BC-focused Regional Development Agency, with a $500 million budget to stimulate sustainable economic development and pandemic recovery.

With his background in environmental and indigenous law, formidable grasp of policy—and his exceptional efforts to connect with residents across his large riding—he has served us well during a very challenging time. I wholeheartedly support his re-election.”


Andy Krawczyk
Recipient, West Vancouver Civic Commitment Award 2014
West Vancouver

“We need a consistent, proven and committed representative as our voice in Ottawa.  Patrick Weiler is—hands down–that MP.  He has served every corner of our riding with his presence and diligence on issues, his guiding work on Pacific Salmon policy and the Net Zero Emissions Accountability Act, his active reaching out to citizens and community groups from West Van to Whistler to Pender Harbour and in between.  Patrick was my choice for MP two years ago, and he will be my proven, solid choice for re-election in September.”


Maggie Pappas
Community Leader
West Vancouver

“This is the most important election in memory. Do we act on the evidence before our very eyes—wildfires, Heat Dome, salmon diving 30m to escape the heat, shellfish beds roasted, 800 neighbours dead from heatstroke, Lytton burned to the ground?

Or do we punish the Prime Minister for an election call and return the country to the Trumpish, climate denying Harper years–and set us back a decade? We can’t afford a decade. We won’t recover. You know this.

Wake up! Vote with your brain, not with your anger. I support Patrick Weiler because he’s 100% dedicated to a sustainable future and young enough to deliver it. No one running even comes close. Save your anger for the Peloton. Vote for your grandchildren’s future. Vote Patrick.”


Mark Vaughan
Vaughan Landscape Planning & Design
West Vancouver

“We could not have a better person representing us in Ottawa.  Patrick Weiler’s passion and deep knowledge supports every value our entire riding holds dear. He has led us well over the last two years, having an impact far beyond what I had hoped when I supported him in 2019.  Patrick has fought for our oceans and our environment, indigenous rights and reconciliation; and he has led us through the pandemic and onto the road to recovery. He led us out of an outdated Alberta-dominated development agency and gained us the new BC Development Agency with $500 million in funding for entrepreneurial recovery.  No one is more qualified, in experience and values, to lead our riding through the next four years. I am proud to endorse Patrick for re-election.”


Karimah Es Sabar
Biotech Venture Capital Executive
West Vancouver

“Patrick Weiler represents a new generation of young MP’s who are committed to change.  A well traveled lawyer, he is strong on the environment, which he believes must work closely with the business community to ensure a stable and sustainable economy. As the economy grows, the Government will be able to reduce the current deficit more quickly in a low interest environment.”


Liz Byrd
Former Councillor
West Vancouver

“I am delighted with Patrick Weiler’s superb performance as our MP.  He was impressive as a candidate as a native son, totally familiar with the entire riding and educated in environmental law with overseas UN experience.  He is also fluent in French, important for an MP.  But the manner in which he has applied himself in two short years, leveraging improvements and funding for our riding and province, is remarkable.  Many across our riding are grateful for his calm advocacy and rescue during Covid.  I completely support his re-election.”


Allen Soltan
West Vancouver

“All the potential I saw in Patrick Weiler as our Liberal candidate in 2019 has borne fruit. Under daunting global pandemic circumstances, Patrick has used his extraordinary intellect, wisdom and experience in aid of our riding’s core values — ocean, environment and economy. I admire Patrick’s intelligence, work ethic and practicality, as well as his deep commitment to public service, all of which he used in passing several important bills — Wild Salmon preservation and NetZero emissions accountability — that is deeply appreciated by every person in our riding. I wholeheartedly support Patrick’s re-election as our Member of Parliament.”


Fred Ghatala
Clean Energy Consulting Executive

“Real action on climate change and childcare availability and cost are leading issues for Squamish families.  I support MP Weiler’s re-election primarily because of the strength of the renewed climate plan ‘A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy,’ and bilateral agreements the Liberal Party is negotiating toward an affordable Canada-wide child care system.  The LPC put a price on carbon and defended it at the Supreme Court of Canada.  The Clean Fuel Standard, a major regulation to reduce transportation emissions, is nearly complete.  Patrick represents our riding well, and I strongly support his re-election.  He’s active, smart and engaged on the issues.  He plays key roles on important parliamentary committees (Natural Resources, COVID-19 Pandemic, Pacific Caucus Chair).  We look forward to his profile rising in government.”


Vi Roden
Almost Centenarian Community Leader
West Vancouver

“I have gotten to know Patrick and talked to him at length as a campaign volunteer in 2019 and this election. He is an exceptional MP. He takes the time to ask questions of everyone, listening carefully to our responses. He is impressive, always passionate about climate and environment.”


Stephen Price
Educator and Community Leader
West Vancouver

“Patrick is our riding’s best hope for real movement on climate action and, by extension, for a hopeful future for our kids and grandkids. His background in law and policy coupled with the Liberals’ concrete and substantial plans for climate action are far better than a return to a Harper Era Conservative who supports a plan to scale back our Federal government’s role in working towards a livable climate.”


Jennifer Webb
Community Leader
West Vancouver

“I am writing to express my strong support for Patrick Weiler as our Liberal MP. Patrick is a thoughtful, dedicated, inspired and inspiring representative who brings progressive change to our riding on climate change and environmental management, support for small businesses, Indigenous communities and not-for-profits throughout BC and around the world. I am proud to live in a region federal led by such a bright and passionate young leader and fully support his return as our voice in Parliament.”


Pat McDowell
Retired Fraud Investigator

“Patrick Weiler impressed me in 2019 and has impressed me even more as our elected MP.  He has worked very hard for the riding and for Canada these two years.  He never allowed CoVid to slow his outreach, inventing new ways to make positive legislative advances on environment, economic recovery, indigenous issues and wild salmon.  Educated in environmental law and internationally experienced, he is the best among many running. I wholeheartedly applaud his continuing service.”


Cindy Huxtable
Tourist Accommodations Executive

“I have known Patrick and his family since he was a small child and watched him grow into the man who was elected as our MP.  He has gained wide support across the riding in his first two years, because he is a good, dedicated MP. We need to re-elect him for four more years.

There are Five Things I believe make Patrick an excellent MP.

1.  Integrity.  I don’t say this to impress anyone—I have seen this in my experience knowing him and speak it from my heart.
2.  Knowledge. He is highly educated in environment law, experienced and knows our riding and concerns because he was born here, grown up in every part of it and still lives here full time.
3.  Detail oriented.  This is an asset in politics.
4.  Listens. He listens first and then fully finishes whatever he undertakes.
5.  Hardworking. No one could have worked harder than Patrick as MP during Covid. He has been amazing.”